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“Experience, Inventory, Knowledge, and Responsiveness are the factors that help make our customers successful and my company stand above our competitors.”


Scott McCain

That is what ECONSTEEL is all about. Ensuring our customers have what they need when they need it, and have a great experience in the process. The end result; our company becomes your valued resource. We are very proud of the fact that some of our customers have been with us from the beginning of our100-year history. We ask for the opportunity to earn that same level of trust with your company.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if we can help you in any way or if you have a question about our company.


ECONSTEEL is a 100 year old steel supply company. Whether you need help locating the right product for your application or advice to determine the most economical way to fulfill your needs, you will find our ECONSTEEL Consultants will quickly become your preferred resource.

ECONSTEEL provides steel warehousing and services for: Machining/Tool & Die, Fabrication, Construction and Plant Maintenance customers throughout the United States. Our two locations ---Erie, Pennsylvania (main office) and Warren Ohio (branch) -- include over 110, 000 square feet of steel warehousing. This capacity enables ECONSTEEL to carry an average inventory of 7,000 tons.

Our extensive on-demand inventory and experience across a wide range of industry categories ensures . . .

demand inventory for ECONSTEEL customers. Our steel consultants regularly manage customer J.I.T (just-in- time) steel inventory needs. Our fleet of tracks provides a one-day delivery capacity of 350,000 pounds for customers located in western New York, Western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio.

We provide a range of steel processing services customers rely on to expedite their projects, minimize waste and provide the most economical alternative for their unique needs. Our processing services include: Cutting, Sawing, Forming, Grinding, Heat Treating, and Testing. We also offer Spec Consulting services for companies that require guidance for defining the product qualities necessary for specific application or for certification. When you walk through our 110,000 square foot warehouse you are looking at experience that has accumulated for a century. Over that time we have worked with virtually every industry category from machine and tool to construction, fabrication and maintenance. In fact, while we have always been a steel supply company, ECONSTEEL also has first- hand experience as a construction firm, road paving, ship-building and fabrication company.



Throughout our 100-year history, ECONSTEEL has accrued first-hand experience across many applications; from fabrication and machining to road and building construction...


While having warehouse capacity of over 110,000 square feet certainly is an advantage, ensuring our customers have the variety and quantity of steel they need when they need it entails much more...


ECONSTEEL maintains a fleet of more than a dozen trucks capable of moving 350,000 pounds of steel daily. Our locations in Erie PA with direct access to East/West and North/South interstates...

ECONSTEEL even did its part during WWII as a ship-builder. Our experience providing steel across diverse industry categories enables us to define solutions that provide better options for customers. When it comes to defining value experience matters.

Our industry experience and inventory management and supply chain capabilities enable us to anticipate our customer’s needs. Our long-term relationship with steel mills provides access to even the toughest to find product.

enables one-day delivery throughout, Western New York, Western, Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. For customers with Just-in-Time operational models, our ECONSTEEL Consultants are valued resources, ensuring production lines have a continuous supply of the steel they need.


It comes down to our commitment to exceptional service. It is our goal to become an indispensable resource for our customers. It starts with being available when our customers need us...


You do not become a preferred resource for steel supplies by simply having a great inventory at a great price. True value is found when customers find the steel they need in a form that meets their...


It is all about the efficient movement of steel. Our capabilities ensure customers have access to the products they need delivered when they need it. Our 100 years’ experience ...

for whatever they need us for. It means always getting a person on the other end of the phone. It means answering emails and getting back with answers---quickly. ECONSTEEL is recognized for being responsive to customer needs and that is what you can expect from the first order to your latest.

production and price expectations. ECONSTEEL specializes in just that. We offer a variety of steel processing services that provide exceptional value for our customers. Our services include: Cutting, Sawing, Forming, Grinding, Heat Treating, & Rebar Fabrication.

supplying steel for construction, machine & tool, fabrication and maintenance aligns our capabilities with the needs and requirements of each industry. Our Capabilities include: Supply Chain Management, Specification Consultation Truck Fleet Delivery & Warehousing.


Our capabilities ensure customers have access to the products they need delivered when they need it. Our 100 years’ experience supplying steel for construction, machine & tool, fabrication and maintenance aligns our capabilities with the needs and requirements of each industry.

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supply chain management

With 100 years’ experience in supplying steel for the Machine & Tool, Fabrication, and Construction industries ECONSTEEL has developed...

specification consult

When the material specifications of your project are critical, ECONSTEEL offers metallurgical testing to ensure the composition...

truck fleet delivery

ECONSTEEL’s fleet of delivery trucks has the ability to deliver 350,000 pounds of steel daily throughout the western New York, western Pennsylvania...

warehousing storage

Our 110,000 sq.ft. warehouse complex stocks nearly 40,000 ave. tons per day. With strategic locations in Erie, PA along the I-90, I-79 and I-86...

a keen understanding of your steel supply needs and expectations. Our business is structured to provide complete supply chain management of your steel needs. We have made significant investment in delivery capability, warehousing and strategic locations to ensure access to the materials your company needs when it is needed. For customers with Just in Time operational models, our ECONSTEEL Consultants are valued resources ---ensuring the material specified is delivered when needed to keep production lines running smoothly without interruption.

of the delivered product meets stringent specification. ECONSTEEL also provides 100% material traceability to validate the efficacy of every product delivered for use.

and Eastern, Ohio region. Ask about our ECONSTEEL EXPRESS service which provides to-your-door delivery within 24 hours for all inventory items.

corridors and Warren, OH I-80, I-76 and I-11 corridors ensure your product is delivered when needed. This extensive capacity enables ECONSTEEL to facilitate supply chain stocking and delivery services for customers with Just-in-Time operational models.


ECONSTEEL maintains an array of equipment to provide Machine & Tool, Construction, Maintenance and Fabrication customers with production-ready material. Our ability to cut, form and fabricate material on-site provides customers with value that goes beyond simply providing material at an acceptable price. Our onsite crane lift capability and extensive truck fleet ensures efficient handling of material and on-time delivery.

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ECONSTEEL offers precision CAD controlled flame cutting when precise repetitive or high-volume cuts are...


Our sawing services enable customers to buy lengths that closely approximate their final usage needs... .


When you need to attain finer tolerances and smooth surfaces we provide Blanchard grinding services.


We have 250,000 ft. of storage space, 12 overhead cranes with up to 20 ton lifting capacity.


ECONSTEEL maintains a fleet of more than a dozen trucks capable of moving 350,000 pounds of steel daily.


ECONSTEEL has been owned and operated by the McCain family as a steel supply company for 100 years. In 1913, ECONSTEEL founder Willard E. McCain came to Erie to build a railroad car dumping system. Willard liked what he saw, decided to stay, and the McCain family business had its start. From its early beginning as a railroad bridge and road paving company. . .

ECONSTEEL soon focused on general construction. In fact, ECONSTEEL played a significant role in the construction of some northwest Pennsylvania’s largest construction projects during the first half of the 20th century.

Having survived the great depression, ECONSTEEL entered the shipbuilding business at the foot of Cascade Street on the exact location where Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry built his fleet that defeated the British over 100 years before. During its heyday in World War II the shipyard employed 700 workers and regularly completed entire ships every thirty days for the war effort.

Throughout its long history ECONSTEEL has been fortunate to serve customers who remain loyal to this day and to employ associates who shared the company’s vision. Under the direction of Scott McCain, the company’s third-generation owner, ECONSTEEL has become an indispensable resource for customers from coast to coast. “When you walk through our warehouse you are looking experience that has accumulated for over 100 years. Year- after- year our customers continue to rely on our unique experience to find the best solutions. We’re proud of that. We like to think it makes a difference for our customers.”


Strategically located facilities in Erie, Pennsylvania and Warren, Ohio provide easy access to north/south and east/west interstates ensuring expedient delivery for ECONSTEEL customers throughout the primary service area.

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