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Thank you for your interest in ECONSTEEL. We have designed our website with our customer’s interests in mind. We strived to make it easy to attain the information you need to make a steel purchase decision. We also encourage you to call our ECONSTEEL consultants. You will find our staff a helpful and knowledgeable resource you can rely on.


steel bars

ECONSTEEL stocks Hot Rolled, Cold Finished, and Alloy Bars. Steel Bars are long products that are formed in a variety of shapes such as in...


plates and sheets

ECONSTEEL supplies fabrication, construction and manufacturing industries with structural steel, diamond floor plate...


structural steel

For over 100 years ECONSTEEL has been a supplier of structural steel products. Our bridge building and construction origin provides us...


Rounds, Flats, Squares, Strips and Hexes (hexes in cold finished only) depending on application. In general Hot Rolled Steel is the softest and easiest steel to work, followed by Cold Finished and Alloy in degrees of hardness and workability. The stock length for bars is 20’ however ECON can saw or cut your order to size if required before delivery. Steel Bar quality is defined by straightness and roundness of the bar as-well-as the smoothness of the surface. ECON’s century long experience assures the quality for your application at a very competitive price. The dimensions range from as small as 3/16th up to 12 inches diameter depending on shape, type and grade of steel.

medium/high carbon alloy, and abrasion resistant plates. Our plates range in thickness from 3/16” to 10” with widths from 4’ to 10’ and lengths from 9’ to 20’ depending on the type. ECON stocks hot rolled sheets in 10, 11, 12, 14 and 16 gage in widths from 3’ to 6’ and lengths from 8’ to 10’ depending on type. ECON offers full plate and sheet processing services including: Plasma cutting to a tolerance of .015”, Flame Cutting, Shearing and Blanchard Surface Grinding. We can also pickle and oil plate and sheet per your specification. Be sure to add steel processing services to your order or talk to an ECONSTEEL consultant today to discuss the possibilities.

with a first-hand understanding of our customer’s structural steel needs. We stock a full array of structural steel products and our Steel Processing capabilities will provide the services you need for every application. Count on ECON for cutting and forming to your exact specifications. Be sure to add our steel processing services to your order. Ask your ECON Steel Consultant about our Supply Chain Services for Just in Time delivery on-site.

pipe & tubing

The difference between pipes and tubes are often confused. One is for construction the other used to transfer material. Tubes are used...


tool steel

Tool steel withstands high temperature, high loads and other demanding conditions. Tool Steel is ideally suited for making tools...


miscellaneous steel

Many of our products cross over categories or have too many applications to be limited to one category. Here are a few of...


primarily for construction (such as automobile and truck frames, shelving supports, machinery construction). ECONSTEEL stocks round, square and rectangular structural tubes. Tubes are primarily defined by OD outside diameter and wall thickness. Pipe is used exclusively for transferring material & fluids. ECON Steel stocks steel, black and galvanized pipe.

used for turning, forming and drilling metal end-products. It is normally heat treated to attain the strength and hardness qualities needed for specific applications. ECONSTEEL supplies two types of Tool Steel: Drill Rod and Flat Ground steel.

our more popular products. With an inventory that stretches back 100 years, chances are we have the steel you have in mind. If you have not found what you are looking for on our website please do not hesitate to call your ECON Steel consultant. If we do not have it in our extensive inventory your ECON Steel consultant can leverage our buying power with Steel producers around the world to find even the toughest to locate product for your unique application.



ECONSTEEL provides Plasma, and Flame Cutting Equipment to meet customer steel processing needs. Be sure to talk with your ECONSTEEL...


Our sawing services enable customers to buy lengths that closely approximate their final usage needs; minimizing waste and lowering...

econsteel express

When you needed steel yesterday, our on-demand inventory and ECONSTEEL EXPRESS service ensures your order gets priority. Our Express...

Consultant to determine which cutting capability will be best for your application, OR be sure to provide your cutting specifications when using our on-line ordering system.

overall cost. ECONSTEEL will also cut to precise “end-use” lengths as custom orders require.

service will expedite your order and provide “to-your-door” delivery with our delivery trucks within 24-hours of your order anywhere within our primary service area. Be sure to ask your ECON Steel Consultant about this premium service.

blanchard grinding

When you need to attain finer tolerances and smooth surfaces ECONSTEEL provides Blanchard surface grinding services for surfaces...

heat treating

It is our goal to provide material that is ready to use. That goal extends to our annealing and quench temper services. If the project requires...

rebar fabrication

Contractors rely on our extensive experience in concrete construction to provide pre-formed rebar forming and fabrication to expedite...

up to a diameter of 90”. Ask your ECONSTEEL Consultant about our grinding service and be sure to include your grinding specifications in our online quoting page.

steel of specific hardness be sure to discuss our heat treating services with your ECONSTEEL Consultant. We will convert our base product to achieve your specific needs within your budget and timeframe.

on-site construction projects. Our experience ensures rebar is constructed to-spec and delivered when needed. ECONSTEEL will even warehouse your pre-formed rebar components. Our extensive delivery fleet enables just-in-time delivery to the construction site when needed minimizing on-site storage issues during construction.



Throughout our 100-year history, ECONSTEEL has accrued first-hand experience across many applications; from fabrication...


While having warehouse capacity of over 110,000 square feet certainly is an advantage, ensuring our customers have the variety and...

on-time delivery

ECONSTEEL maintains a fleet of more than a dozen trucks capable of moving 350,000 pounds of steel daily. Our locations in Erie PA...

and machining to road and building construction. ECONSTEEL even did its part during WWII as a ship-builder. Our experience providing steel across diverse industry categories enables us to define solutions that provide better options for customers. When it comes to defining value experience matters.

quantity of steel they need when they need it entails much more. Our industry experience and inventory management and supply chain capabilities enable us to anticipate our customer’s needs. Our long-term relationship with steel mills provides access to even the toughest to find product.

with direct access to East/West and North/South interstates enables one-day delivery throughout, Western New York, Western, Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. For customers with Just-in-Time operational models, our ECONSTEEL Consultants are valued resources, ensuring production lines have a continuous supply of the steel they need.


It comes down to our commitment to exceptional service. It is our goal to become an indispensable resource for our customers...


You do not become a preferred resource for steel supplies by simply having a great inventory at a great price...


It is all about the efficient movement of steel. Our capabilities ensure customers have access to the products they need...

It starts with being available when our customers need us for whatever they need us for. It means always getting a person on the other end of the phone. It means answering emails and getting back with answers---quickly. ECON is recognized for being responsive to customer needs and that is what you can expect from the first order to your latest.

True value is found when customers find the steel they need in a form that meets their production and price expectations. ECON specializes in just that. We offer a variety of steel processing services that provide exceptional value for our customers. Our services include: Cutting, Sawing, Forming, Grinding, Heat Treating, Rebar Fabrication.

delivered when they need it. Our 100 years’ experience supplying steel for construction, machine & tool, fabrication and maintenance aligns our capabilities with the needs and requirements of each industry. Our Capabilities include: Supply Chain Management, Specification Consultation Truck Fleet Delivery & Warehousing.


Strategically located facilities in Erie, Pennsylvania and Warren, Ohio provide easy access to north/south and east/west interstates ensuring expedient delivery for ECON customers throughout the primary service area.

Erie, Pennsylvania. Our corporate office is located at 1301 Cranberry Street in Erie, Pennsylvania (Zip Code 16501). The location is midway between the Cleveland, Ohio and Buffalo, New York markets. The main warehouse services customers along the I-90, I-79 and I-86 corridors. With access to an International Great Lakes port on Lake Erie and rail-lines the Erie location is well suited to facilitate both import and export of special orders.

Warren, Ohio. Our eastern Ohio warehouse is located at 490 North River Road, in Warren, Ohio (Zip Code 44483). The location convenient access to I-11, I-80, and I-76 making quick order facilitation possible throughout eastern Ohio, and southwestern Pennsylvania.

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